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Posted By:   millercang.com
Apply For This Position:   Gianni@millercang.com
Post Date:   2019-02-26

Division:   General
Job Type:   Full Time
Job Title:   Technology Manager
Location City:   NYC
Location State:   NY
Location Country:   United States
Salary Offered:   Year: $80,000+

Job Description:

We’re looking for a general technology manager to handle in-house and day-to-day operations of the internal network and external technology relationships from setup, provisioning, ordering, security and more. The ideal candidate is a very well-organized team player who enjoys a challenging work environment with a group of young professionals. Responsibilities include: Develop, implement, and manage internal technology needs Oversee day-to-day operational needs of internal staff technology needs, networking, workstations, printers, VOIP telephones, fax machine Troubleshoot existing network, hardware, equipment, and applications Oversee outside technology relationships Microsoft and Linux network security, network enforcement, network software, and policy management