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Posted By:   millercang.com
Apply For This Position:   don@millercang.com
Post Date:   2019-02-26

Division:   Advertising
Job Type:   Full Time
Job Title:   Front End Developer
Location City:   NYC
Location State:   NY
Location Country:   United States
Salary Offered:   Year: $80,000+

Job Description:

You are front end—in your heart you are about the user experience. You love and ‘get’ good design and user experience, and you know how to build it. Your tools are hand-coded HTML, CSS and AJAX. You know or are learning HTML5/CSS3. You get how a website is built—not a small marketing website, but a large consumer or enterprise website that gets a lot of traffic (think in the multiple millions of uniques per month). You expect to work in a CMS, and occasionally will actually build a CMS. You also expect to check in your changes via git or svn, and find your way around the code in a project to make your changes in-line. You ideally know what every acronym we’ve mentioned so far means, and if you don’t, you will at least have looked them up and tell us you want to learn that one quickly if we hire you. Required skills: HTML5/CSS3 Java Jquery Mobile