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Posted By:   millercang.com
Apply For This Position:   gianni@millercang.com
Post Date:   2019-02-26

Division:   General
Job Type:   Full Time
Job Title:   PHP Developer
Location City:   NYC
Location State:   NY
Location Country:   United States
Salary Offered:   Year: $80,000+

Job Description:

Our developers love taking ownership of their work and pushing their code in production ­ we push multiple times a day. You will too!



● At least two (2) years experience working in PHP in an MVC framework (Zend, Symfony2 preferred). Experience with the Silex microframework a large plus. ● A philosophy of unit testing all code, and experience with multiple testing frameworks (phpunit, behat, etc.) ● Active professional experience with git and github, including issuing PRs, conducting or receiving code reviews, inline commenting, and feature­branching. ● Have heard of or used: composer, PHP_CodeSniffer, and phpmd ● Experience with methods to analyze and optimize code (xdebug, etc). ● Interested in new technologies ● Have contributed to open source projects