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Posted By:   millercang.com
Apply For This Position:   Gianni@millercang.com
Post Date:   2019-02-26

Division:   General
Job Type:   Full Time
Job Title:   Front End Developer
Location City:   NYC
Location State:   NY
Location Country:   United States
Salary Offered:   Year: $80,000+

Job Description:

We are looking for highly skilled Front End developer with particular expertise in JavaScript development. The project you will be joining is a web- based application primarily written in JavaScript for client side functionality and PHP services into the business layer. You will be leveraging currently supported HTML5 components, mainly SVG and web sockets, but you must be able to devise fallback solutions for unsupported components as needed. You should be able to write highly effective code with an emphasis on readability, extendibility, and performance. You must understand and believe in the importance of unit tests, be able to write them, and be diligent in their upkeep (TDD). You will be part of a nimble, dynamic, and highly collaborative team; no parts of this project will be designed in a solo. (New York, NY)