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Posted By:   millercang.com
Apply For This Position:   Don@millercang.com
Post Date:   2019-02-26

Division:   General
Job Type:   Full Time
Job Title:   Mid Level Java developer
Location City:   NYC
Location State:   NY
Location Country:   United States
Salary Offered:   Year: $60,000+

Job Description:

* Expert Knowledge of Java * Experience in Unix/Linux * J2EE Stack knowledge * Good knowledge of SQL and experience writing and optimizing SQL queries * Experience in high volume web sites and applications * Experience proactively maintaining and monitoring a high availability, high transaction rate environment, to ensure maximum uptime and performance. * Good team player, good communication skills, with attention to detail and high quality coding * Must be highly motivated, able to meet deadlines and work well under pressure * Understanding and experience in MVC design * Knowledge and experience in Spring and Hibernate * Experience in using Git, SVN, Bazaar or similar systems * Experience with Apache Tomcat/JBoss * The ideal candidate has some exposure to MapReduce, NoSQL database systems, and online adserving.



* Work on cutting-edge ad serving technology with one of the biggest players in mobile advertising * Enhance the scale of our Java * Scale the current infrastructure to handle greater levels of reliability and accessibility using data storage methods such as sharding, partitioning and data modeling. * Investigating and implementing future use of NoSQL * Troubleshoot server performance or functional issues * Work with QA to increase the quality and robustness of our software